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I worked with Melissa for a brief period when I was 15. I had previously been riding western, but after one English lesson with Melissa I decided I really enjoyed it. She taught me all the basics of English riding that I still use today, as an adult. After my first lesson with Melissa I was hooked.

Melissa’s husband got orders from the U.S Army and they moved away for 2 years. During that time I rode with many other trainers, none of whom could compare. While I was in between trainers my horse and I ran into issues. He took all my confidence away, to the point where I was scared to ride him. I went from being able to get on him and jump 3ft courses, to being afraid to even pick up a trot. Melissa helped me gain my confidence back and also helped me fix the problems I had been having with my horse.

I am now bringing along a young green Warmblood :D. Melissa worked with me to give him a good foundation on the ground. She has also helped me start him quietly under saddle. Melissa’s way of communicating with both horse and rider is amazing. She will find a way to make sure you are understanding exactly what she is talking about. Also she has a hands on approach in helping the rider feel how they should while riding. Melissa is very understanding and very willing to find a way to make it work. I have never been with a trainer I have liked more and I would not trade her for the world. I have come along leaps and bounds while training with Melissa and I know I continue to broaden my knowledge each and every time I work with her.

– Claire M.


When I got my horse, Manny, he was green to say the least. He was an off the track TB who was still getting accustomed to his new lifestyle. He was afraid of ground poles and had little to no confidence. Within only a few lessons with Melissa, it was like I was riding a completely different horse. Not only had Manny conquered his fear of ground poles, he was jumping a 2’6 oxer. Melissa gave me the tools to instill the confidence my horse was missing.

Out of all the trainers I have worked with, Melissa has an unparalleled way of communicating with both horse and rider and she has helped give my horse real potential. I have 15 years of experience with dozens of trainers, but in the few months I have been training with Melissa she has given me training that I had not received from anyone else.

Melissa has a very logical way of approaching teaching. She gives the rider skills that not only benefit them in the present, but that the rider can carry with them forever. I would not have been able to get the progress with Manny had it not been for Melissa. She is an outstanding trainer and she really loves what she does. Manny and I both adore her and we wouldn’t want to train with anyone else!

Jacklene F.


So what do you do when your daughter is at her wits end with her pony?!  I’d suggest some lessons with Melissa!  I cannot express how much she was able to help Moriah with her pony.  As an educator I can tell when someone knows their stuff.  Not only does Melissa have a fun and expressive way of teaching it is evident that she is well grounded in her teaching skills. Melissa thoroughly delights in helping her charges succeed with their mounts.  After just a few lessons she had my daughter riding her pony freely in all three gaits (with smiles on both Moriah and her pony!).  Prior to this Moriah would end her rides in frustration over getting her pony to move out freely.  Melissa quickly and correctly ascertained what was holding both rider and pony back.  She knew exactly what retraining process to put them through.  There were no suggestions for artificial aids -no forcing the issue.  Instead Melissa taught the basic principles needed to accomplish the task and was both patient and encouraging while helping my Moriah put them into practice.  Thanks a million Melissa!!   I wish you were back in our neighborhood; we miss you!

Kelly Windus

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